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Love on the Line


Sex is fun – but it can also be funny

 Tom and his wife Maureen are both having inexpert affairs, Tom with Jenny and Tina who he meets on the internet, and Maureen with a garage mechanic whose name she doesn’t know. Both leave behind incriminating evidence.

Jenny, who discovers that her fiancé is not what she hoped for in bed, shares a cottage with a sex-mad ghost. Tina is frustrated because her husband is always too tired for sex, but what she doesn’t know is that he is always worn out because he supplements his sales by having sex with female customers.

Follow their hilarious and raunchy adventures as they all search online for the spark missing from their relationships. Intrigue, assignations, sex in unusual places, unexpected humour, unexpected love, unexpected consequences – all hell breaks loose as they follow their hormone-fuelled and often desperate sex lives. But they are literally putting their love on the line, because for all of them there is a terrible risk.

Being found out.

 Love on the Line charts comical mishaps arising in sex… those awkward, funny, embarrassing moments that you never read about in magazines and manuals. This outrageously funny tale of modern lust and carnal craving will keep you laughing till the last blush.

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LOTL Updated Cover (2).jpg